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Required Lacrosse Equipment

Equipment for both boys and girls can be found for about $80-90 for full sticks and pads. Helmets run higher, but we'd recommend any of the following for beginning youth players: Cascade (CS, CS-R, CPV-R), STX Stallion 100 Youth, Brine STR Youth

Most websites have a clearance page for previous years models at significant savings.  Dick's Sporting Goods is also a great place to find equipment at a reasonable price.

There is a difference between boys and girls sticks.

If you have any questions about equipment, please email us

Starter Kits

Lacrosse Monkey - Starter Kits - Boys  

Lacrosse Monkey - Starter Kits - Girls


LAX.COM - Starter Kits  


Girls Lacrosse

Boys Lacrosse


For Questions about our Lacrosse Program:


North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association
320 Town Center Avenue

Suite C-11, #293
Suwanee, GA 30024

The sport of Lacrosse has gained popularity over the past few years, not only in Gwinnett County, but all across the US. As a result, lacrosse is now an approved GHSA varsity sport in Gwinnett County. The mission of the North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association is to provide a well-rounded lacrosse program for elementary and middle school boys and girls under 15 years of age. The NGLA will endeavor to establish, in our youth, the ideals of good sportsmanship and conduct. We aim to provide an enjoyable means of developing the fundamental life skills of leadership, self-discipline, team play, camaraderie and educational values. Through this great sport, our many coaches and volunteers will promote both physical and mental well being in a safe and enjoyable environment.  We thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a small part in the development of your child's development and growth.

North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association
Board of Directors