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2020 Fall Registration Now Closed

Registration for the Fall season is now closed. Practices begin August 24 and 25 at North Gwinnett Middle School. 

Boys practice Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 - 7:30

Girls practice Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 - 7:30

REMINDER: Invoices have been sent to all parents and payment is now due. Any player with an outstanding balance will not be able to play in games.



  • K-3rd Grade: $100
  • 4th-5th Grade: $150
  • 6th-7th Grade: $375 (professional coach) 
  • 7th-8th Grade: $375 (professional coach) 


  • K-3rd Grade: $100
  • 4th-5th Grade: $150
  • 6th-7th Grade: $150
  • 8th Grade: $150

Many of you will have questions about the NGLA COVID-19 plan. We are working in conjunction with Gwinnett County to ensure a safe experience for our children and volunteers. You can view our COVID-19 plan below.

Each player is responsible for supplying their own equipment for practice and games.

NGLA COVID-19 Operating Procedures

The North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association is dedicated to providing a safe playing environment for our players and volunteers. Working with Newtown Recreation and Gwinnett County while taking guidelines from local, state, and federal authorities, including the CDC, NGLA has created our COVID-10 Operating Procedures.

  1. If a player or a family member of a player exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, sore throat, loss of smell, or shortness of breath, the player shall stay home and alert the NGLA. They shall not participate in any lacrosse related activity associated until the player has been cleared to do so by his treating physician.
  2. If a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or immediate family member(s) exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, sore throat, loss of smell, or shortness of breath, the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coach shall stay home
  3. Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches shall send any player exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 home immediately and shall promptly notify the NGLA regarding such an event. Only the player and one (1) parent/guardian may attend practice
  4. For the parent/guardian that attends, he or she should not congregate and should abide by social distancing requirements (or remain in their car).
  5. Before EVERY practice, the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches shall ask the team how they are feeling, encourage honest answers, and address the importance of social distancing during practice. Furthermore, the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches shall remind the kids not to touch their face during practice. If the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches notice any symptoms, such as repeated coughing during a practice, the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches shall remove that player from practice and send that player and his or her parent or guardian home.
  6. The Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches shall additionally enforce the rules outlined below and shall immediately address players and/or spectators breaking any of the rules.
  7. The Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches, parents, guardians, and players are encouraged to provide and bring hand sanitizer for use during practice and play. The Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches shall ensure that all players and coaches sanitize their hands before practice, between drills, and before leaving the field at the end of practice.
  8. There shall be no handshakes, fist bumps, high fives, team huddles, or any other contact between players and coaches.
  9. Teams shall refrain from community snack food or anything that requires hand-to-mouth contact during team activities.
  10. Players are encouraged, but not required, to wear cloth facemasks while on the field.
  11. The Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches are encouraged but are not required to wear cloth facemasks while on the field.
  12. Spectators, players, and coaches shall not assemble before or after practice. A minimum of 15 minutes should be scheduled between practices taking place on a specific field to avoid cross-contamination between teams. The Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches must be mindful of ending practices on time to allow for team transitions if a practice occurs after their practice. 
  13. Spectators wearing cloth facemasks are encouraged, but not required.
  14. Restroom access and maintenance at George Pierce Park will be determined by Gwinnett County.

To help in our efforts, we ask for your cooperation in a few areas:

  1. Please refrain from coming to practice or games if you experience any cold or flu-like symptoms.
  2. Please be diligent about your player’s health and personal hygiene.
  3. If you have been in direct contact with someone who tested presumptive positive, please follow the CDC guidelines and refrain from bringing yourself, family, or players to team activities until the designated period has passed.

    Should you have any questions, please email the NGLA Board at

Donate Your Old Lacrosse Gear

Does your family have lacrosse gear that you’re no longer using? Instead of having it take up space in your garage, consider donating it to the North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be hosting a series of “How To Play Lacrosse” clinics in an effort to get more kids playing this great game. Having equipment so that kids who have never played lacrosse before can try it safely is an important part of how we’ll grow the game in North Gwinnett.

We appreciate all donations, but for those who would prefer to sell their items, we have set aside a small fund to accommodate this.

We are looking for all items boys and girls use:

  • Helmets ($25)

  • Pads ($25 full set, $10 partial)

  • Sticks ($10)

  • Googles ($10)

  • Jerseys (most current) ($10)

All items need to be in good condition. You can donate your items between July 1-10. We have drop-off locations throughout the cluster, including Rivermoore Park, Edinburgh, and Morningview. 

Contact us at to schedule your drop off. 


For Questions about our Lacrosse Program:


North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association
320 Town Center Avenue

Suite C-11, #293
Suwanee, GA 30024

The sport of Lacrosse has gained popularity over the past few years, not only in Gwinnett County, but all across the US. As a result, lacrosse is now an approved GHSA varsity sport in Gwinnett County. The mission of the North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association is to provide a well-rounded lacrosse program for elementary and middle school boys and girls under 15 years of age. The NGLA will endeavor to establish, in our youth, the ideals of good sportsmanship and conduct. We aim to provide an enjoyable means of developing the fundamental life skills of leadership, self-discipline, team play, camaraderie and educational values. Through this great sport, our many coaches and volunteers will promote both physical and mental well being in a safe and enjoyable environment.  We thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a small part in the development of your child's development and growth.

North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association
Board of Directors