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Bulldog Wall Challenge


One of the best ways for lacrosse player to improve his/her stick skills is to practice daily/weekly against a wall or rebounder. At NGLA, we are challenging our players to increase their stick skills by taking on “the wall” and earning their t-shirt. Please know it is very unlikely a player will pass the challenge without spending a fair amount of time on wall ball drills recommended for his or her age group.

Every player in the NGLA Program is capable of earning the Bulldog Wall Challenge T-shirt; however, it will require hard work and dedication. Please encourage your child to put in the time working on the wall. They will not only earn the Bulldog Wall Challenge T-shirt, but they will also become a better, more confident lacrosse player.

You can pass the test more than once in a season but will earn only one t-shirt per grade level. Subsequent passing of the test in the same grade level will result in helmet decals (boys) and bag tag with decals (girls). Testing will be on Wednesday (boys) and Thursday (girls).

Wall Ball Rules
  • Must wear (Boys - helmet and gloves, Girls – goggles)

  • All drills must be done in the order listed below

  • All required reps must be completed before moving on to the next drill

  • Ball max - If ball is dropped/lost - move on to next ball

  • If you drop the ball, that rep doesn't count - do not start over at 0

  • Players must stand at least 5 yards away from wall

  • All overhand passing

  • You must be tested by a current NGLA board member or a NGLA approved coach.

    • The first successful passing of the test will be a t-shirt.

    • Subsequent passing of test (highly encouraged) will be a separate reward.


Wall Ball Test by Grade



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